IMPortAnt NeWs For ThE CustomErs......

HAi...Kami nk bg tau pd anda sume...Bagi memudahkan untuk pos brang..shawl akan dipos pd hari ISNIN untuk form beserta payment yang dihantar pada ari KHAMIS-AHAD...

Form dan payment yg dihantar dari hari ISNIN-RABU, shawl akan dipos pada hari KHAMIS... tQ

Order Form

Full Name:
Email Address:
Posting Address:
Contact Number(H/p):
Item code:
Payment Via: Maybank
Bank Islam
Posting option: Pos Express
Pos Laju

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SaLe!!!! ONLy rm15/shawL(not incluDed iNNer and PostagE)..!!!!!!LimiTeD...

CUN 01-available for 1
 CUN 02-available for 1

 CUN 03-available for 1

 CUN 04-available for 1

 CUN 05-available for 1

 CUN 06-available for 1

 CUN 07-available for 1

CUN 08-available for 1

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