IMPortAnt NeWs For ThE CustomErs......

HAi...Kami nk bg tau pd anda sume...Bagi memudahkan untuk pos brang..shawl akan dipos pd hari ISNIN untuk form beserta payment yang dihantar pada ari KHAMIS-AHAD...

Form dan payment yg dihantar dari hari ISNIN-RABU, shawl akan dipos pada hari KHAMIS... tQ

Order Form

Full Name:
Email Address:
Posting Address:
Contact Number(H/p):
Item code:
Payment Via: Maybank
Bank Islam
Posting option: Pos Express
Pos Laju

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TerMs And ConditiOns


1.Only for SERIUS BUYERS only.

2. All items are NEW, unless stated.

3. Prices are NOT negotiable.

4.The items will only be reserved if the full order form is filled.By submitting the order form, this means that you have read and agreed with our terms and conditions.

5. Confirmation email will be sent subject to the item availability as well as payment the details.

Reservation period will only last for 2 day.

7. Payment must be made within 2 day after submitting the order form or else reservation will be automatically cancel.

8. Payment can be made to Maybank/Bank Islam account (once the order form is received payment details will be given)

9. Email me for further
or you can contact me(nor) directly at 0174724427 or my friend akma at 0173008454.
1-3 iteM RM 6 (wm) RM9 (em)

1 - 4
 itEm RM 5 (wm/em)